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Olympic gold medal winners get depression too...

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:19pm

After I wrote my last blog post " Could we learn something from the Olympians? " I was worried that someone might misunderstand what I was saying (typical of me!). So, I felt I had to follow this up...

Elite athletes get depression too

This may come as a shock to people but it's not just those returning from the Beijing Olympics without a medal who might suffer, even Olympic gold medal winners can get depression. A quick google and a list of names of top athletes including world record breaker and olympic gold medal winner Ian Crocker and olympic gold medalist Derrick Adkins appear as sufferers off depression.

Exercise can play an important part in your recovery but it certainly isn't a cure and unfortunately doesn't stop you from getting ill in the first place. They are often portrayed as super human but win or lose, the top athletes are just as vunerable to mental health issues as the rest of us.

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