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Olive Oil Skin Care

Posted Nov 16 2009 1:07pm

by Anne on November 16, 2009

in Anti-Aging, Skin Care

A Skincare Solution from the Mediterranean

Olive oil skin care is an very old solution that has been discovered many thousand years ago, olive oil rapidly has become an important element of skincare.

Phoenicians, Egyptians, Romans and Greeks all had taken entire benefit of this particular valued essential oil. These days, we all witness the lovely skin of Mediterranean people. Lots of them say that the key certainly is the oil of that little fruit.

How can the Olive oil take care of the skin?

  1. Boost a soft, glowing skin
  2. Improve retain skin elasticity
  3. Cure dry, fragile fingernails and make softer cuticles
  4. Shape and also bring shine for your hair
  5. Olive Oil Natural skin care

Delicious, too…

In order to get all of the advantage of olive oil, you should not restrict it to external treatment. Give yourself the best example from the Mediterranean lifestyle… add it to your diet. your health will be better while restoring the looks of the skin.

Olive oil has elevated levels of anti-oxidants, such as vitamin E. Anti-oxidants protect from age-speeding up. The essential oil of this amazing fruit will protect your skin and body.

When you make a delicious salad next time, put few drops of olive oil, lemon juice that is great in anti-oxidant, anti-aging protection.

When buying, definitely pick Extra Virgin olive oil, organic if possible . because this is the minimum processed and holds the best nutritious benefit.

Skin Care… Directly Coming from the Bottle!

It is easy to make quick skincare recipes from your own kitchen.

For th bath:
In a moisturizing bathe, add Quarter glass of olive oil and some drops of  Lavender oil to the bathwater. Lavender essential oil will let you relax when going to sleep

For the Dry Skin:
Softly massage few drops of olive oil on special dried parts like heels or elbows.

For your Hands: Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil along with 2 tablespoons of sugar. massage on hands till sugar starts to melt. Wash with water.You have it! Silky-soft hands.

For your Feet: Use a generous quantity of essential oil to your feet before going to bed. Cover up using cotton socks. In the morning you will have soft, silky feet! You can do the same for the hands, too.

Facial mask For the Face: Blind honey, olive oil, and an egg yolk, put it on your face… relax for 15 minutes; wash with water.

For the nails: put in a little dish some olive oil (warm) and freshly squeezed lemon juice(one table spoon). damp fingernails for a few minutes.

For the Hair: Stroke directly into hair and scalp some tablespoon of warm olive oil. Cover using a bath cap. Wait for half an hour then take a shower.

If you don’t like to do all this by yourself, it’s so easy to buy ready made products that have the power of olive oil like high quality soaps, luxuriant body creams, olive oil body butter, foot treatment ointments, beside many hair care products.

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