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Ocean Park Hong Kong—Jellyfish House

Posted Nov 18 2013 6:23am



The Jellyfish Home was open in Tenth Apr, 2006. It covers an area of 4500 square miles and it is the first independent jellyfish house in the South east Japan. The jam house gathered more than 1000 jellyfishes. The jellyfishes are kept in a circular package and looks like group circular flow h2o in sea. It includes colloidal whole body which looks like an outdoor umbrella. You will see many “umbrellas”  China travel  drift in the h2o from long-distance. There are many types of jellyfishes.

It is about 250 types of jellyfishes on the globe. The size of the jellyfish is between 10cm to 100cm and some special jellyfish’s size reach to 200cm. They reside in the sea all over the globe. We categorize jellyfish according to the shapes. The form like an outdoor umbrella and deliver out Silverlight are known as silver jellyfish. Some looks like the hat of a monk are known as monk’s hat jellyfish. And other look like white cruise in the ship, so known as cruise jellyfish. Also some jellyfishes look like outdoor umbrella, individuals known as them outdoor umbrella jellyfish. Still some look like deliver out vibrant atmosphere and individuals known as color atmosphere jellyfish. Jellyfishes are only can stay  China travel service  couples weeks, some can stay a year and some jellyfishes in the depth sea will stay longer.

Jellyfishes’ bodies are full of h2o create them look clear and can drift in the h2o. When jellyfishes  China Travel Agency  swimming, the tentacles stretch and drift with the rich waters look beautiful.

There are many precious types of jellyfishes. The Yue jellyfish’s form is look like a small fish. After they eat, we can see some lemon Fengnian Shrimps in their stomach. The Chaotian Jellyfish stay in the h2o base instead of drift in the h2o. The Eight Nails Jellyfishes like take a sunbath in sunny day and sleep in the h2o base in the evening. The vibrant jellyfish have mini whole body and get individuals to  Beijing tour  love them. The sharp jellyfish is the Kahaila Jellyfishes.


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