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not to look beyond the supra skytop iii uk language of this coterie Students comprehensive

Posted Jan 18 2013 7:30am
So how to do it? Teachers to master teaching skills and techniques. First, teachers should "good question" and "be kind to ask. Second, teachers should be good at using the analogy method, in order to stimulate the development of students' thinking ability. Again, the teachers to be proficient in the design exercises to strengthen students' practical ability.More than usual with the students to read the excellent prose, poetry, more students with a cooperative approach to problem solving, the students of the spirit of cooperation. Times, combined with the trend of the times to Tuition.In order to become a really good language teachers also need teachers with the same class, and strengthen exchanges supra skytop ii cheap and collaboration with subject teachers to communicate with students, communication education teaching methods, complementary station, as the saying goes: The Three Stooges top of a Zhuge Liang. Avoid squeezing each other and to seize the time, coordination requirements of students, overall student development.

Language reliable are the usual accumulation of kung fu, then there is no need to take up too much study time to ask students to do language work. Teacher to stand in the position of the students think the problem from a macro focus, not to look beyond the supra skytop iii uk language of this coterie. Students comprehensive examination exam, college entrance examination, not only to take a language, language teachers do their work, but also to encourage more students to spend more time in science, because management Kola points.Fourth, there is a unique pair of eye. Students expect us as if we expect others, students expect to get the teacher's attention. Then the teachers need to focus on every little thing that occur every day in the student, class group, to enable students to understand that you care about their every act, a student mentor.
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