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North China to meet strong cold air the beijing-tianjin region will officially winter yet

Posted Nov 01 2012 7:18am

This day, a stream of strong cold air influence from the west to the east China, north winds will now most cool weather, local cooling will reach 14 degrees. Expert analysis, the cold air will  Cheap Beats By Dre  make including the beijing-tianjin area north of the Yellow River, the whole winter, including Beijing early November this year the lowest temperature will be close to the lowest history, but this city can have first winter snow are still uncertainties.

Meteorological observatory hair first winter cold wave warning local cooling will reach 14 degrees

In just finished cold air attacks in the north of China, this day, and a stream of strong cold air from the west to the east will affect China, in the cold air influence, the next few days will appear in the northern region of China greatly cooling, local cooling will reach 14.

According to the cold air, the central meteorological observatory on October 31, and released when cold wave blue warning: expected October 31 20 until November 2,, 20, northern and eastern xinjiang, gansu, ningxia, qinghai most of northern shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, north west, etc will successively appeared 6 ~ 10 cooling, among them, the northwest xinjiang, gansu, Inner Mongolia western western parts of the temperature drop range up to 12 ~ 14 , local area can reach more than 14 ; In most parts of the above and successively appeared 5 ~ 7 level PianBeiFeng, xinjiang pass area wind can reach 8 ~ 10 level.

"Temperature drop range in 10 above area mainly  Cheap Beats By Dre  concentrated in gansu, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi Province in northern shaanxi, the maximum temperature drop range may reach 14 ." China's weather channel meteorological analysts believe hin said that the cold air will mainly influence the northern area, because in the end of October in north China has been undergoing a strong cold air, the strong cold air will make the area north of the Yellow River into the whole winter.

Letter hin reminds, the cold air, the wind is larger, the canopy of agricultural facilities such as agriculture, should pay attention to strengthening. The trip, because on November 3 to 4 days there will be great range precipitation appear, in gansu, Inner Mongolia, shanxi shanxi hebei north, northeast, etc may also have snow appear, so travel when must pay attention to the traffic safety. In addition, due to the temperature drop range is larger, people still need to prevent cold and other body unwell.

The beijing-tianjin pull "winter gate" city the first snow winter are still "suspense"

Although this year's "winter begins" solar term is November 7,, but in the middle of October, continuous incoming cold air has made China's northern region felt shortness of winter and steps, some areas in October also ushered in the first snowfall of the winter.

According to the Beijing special meteorological observatory forecast, Beijing on November 3 to 7 will appear during outdoor daily average temperature continuous five days less than 5 situation. Therefore, the Beijing municipal government also decided to 2012 to 2013 heating season residents heating time from before November 15, to advance on November 3 24 when.

"Weather in winter, it is to point to the average temperature 10 less than five consecutive days, it will be the first day as the starting point of the winter. Here the daily mean temperature of the calculation is generally choose daily 2, 8, 13 and 20 when four time point temperature mean."

Faith said hin, from the current view, north China region has been in qiu dong alternating phase, the beijing-tianjin area has begun to winter, "for example Beijing October 30, Beijing's average temperature is 8.5 , because then have strong cold air  cheap beats  follow-up, can say Beijing from October 30 day have officially open the door of winter." Letter hin said, because Beijing perennial winter time on October 28,, this year's winter time is normal.

Faith said hin by the strong cold air influence, in Beijing on November 5, at night and in the 6th morning lowest temperature may reach 3 to 4 below zero. "Beijing in early November, the temperature of extreme minimum value appeared in the 2009 years of minus 4.8 , so in the cold air, Beijing early November this year the lowest temperature will be close to the same period of history of the minimum value".

In addition, according to the  cheap beats  weather forecast, the influence of the cold air in Beijing this weekend or will have the rain and snow. For the cold air in Beijing can bring the first winter snow, the letter hin says there are not sure yet.

Letter hin analysis, Beijing on November 3 will take the lead in appear rainfall, when cold air subject after arrival, the temperature drop down rapidly, but this time the condition of water vapor has variation, this kind of circumstance can appear snow had the suspense. "If Beijing 3, the day of precipitation able to hold on until the night or 4 day morning, the vapor in the low temperature may appear in the rain turned the snow. But now to see, this kind of situation still exists a lot of uncertainty".

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