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Nike Dunk Sb Series

Posted Nov 19 2012 9:15am
DUNK SB "full name is DUNK LOW (HI) PRO SB. Before" DUNK "just a pair of ordinary basketball shoe, now" DUNK "by Nike into a more stylish elements, and added a zoom air and the thick tongue of "DUNK SB" has become the backbone of Nike skateboarding shoes. SB series, as the most mainstream of shoes, its visibility and influence has not BAPE, DC and other street brand can c nike nfl jerseys outlet ompare. Originally created only for the improved version of skateboarding shoes retro, the trend has now become a symbol. The SB series to introduce basic information .. First, what is SB? NIKE's retro shoes specially produced two sub-brand is the "LE" and "SB". Which. LE as a replica of the original edition basketball shoes exclusive logo, actually a sub-brand is not enough on the conditions. The SB is NIKE skateboarding shoes (ie "skate board" abbreviation)'s exclusive logo. How to identify the SB and general retro shoes? The following talk about SB and the difference between ordinary retro shoes. First, from the category in terms of, SB skateboard shoes, LE is a basketball shoe, though years have used the original style, but essentially there are differences. Second. SB Department of shoes each have Nike jerseys cheap price a number of strict control, so that the mark value is usually higher than ordinary shoes. (In RMB value .. naturally ..) From the appearance and performance perspective, use DUNK series as an example. First, SB shoe tongue to sew a "NIKE SB" logo, and ordinary DUNK logo on the tongue is "NIKE". In addition, "AIR FORCE I" sign is "NIKE AIR". The second, or tongue. SB DUNK Department of the tongue thickness is typically several times the ordinary DUNK. This is to protect the athlete's ankle skateboarding design .. but in Guangzhou, the thick tongue stuck in the pants out of the trend has become the way they dress .. Shoelaces, the common use of a wide-DUNK textile shoelace while SB with thick laces. Third, look inside the insole. Ordinary printed on the insole of DUNK "NIKE" and the swoosh logo.LE DUNK Department is printed on the insole "LE" of the logo. Unlike the first two All SB series shoes paragraph printed on the insole is fitflop sandals australia a fake footprints wear marks in the marks are printed on the heel "NIKE SB" words in addition. SB shoe insole following attachment style have two Zoom Air. Naturally, it is a in comfort and safety considerations Fourth, SB Department of shoes at the outer edge of the bottom groove with a dozen fact other skateboarding shoes such as DC, Timberland, also have such a groove. This design is mainly to facilitate, when skateboarding skateboard jump and filed with the soles of the feet head movements, while the original edition of the DUNK generally do not have this groove. Final. DUNK SB lateral heel shoes which usually have involved the identity of knitted logo. This involves a deeper problem. Is the street brand with the launch of NIKE SB system. I think you are familiar with street signs should not be so many .. because in today's Gucci, Fendy, Ecko and other popular brand of high society, but also in the low-cost S & K.MB.Baleno etc. under the brand of trouble, well-known in mainland China not high and the high price of street signs have often been ignored by the people, but sell themselves .. at least in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Street signs still have a lot of loyal fans and we called him "wave" Pull away. Start with two relatively well-known street brand Stussy and Supreme began. NIKE currently often launch with two brand new SB shoes to press the Chinese people's wallets. On the division of labor problems, natural conditions is to provide equipment and original NIKE shoes and then the street signs are sold Designer inspired and then the new shoes will be named after street signs, and marked in the lateral heel shoe exclusive the LOGO. Cheap Fitflop Pietra sale
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