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Night Revitalizing Cream

Posted May 10 2010 6:33am

by Anne on May 10, 2010

in Anti-Aging

Night Revitalizing Cream

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Let's face it. As you get older, skin care can get a little more complicated. With all the facial products on the market its hard to know exactly what cream or lotion will give you the results you're looking for. That is why I'd like to talk about one essential part of good skin care: night cream. Believe it or not, using night creams has a big advantage over the typical skin products you normally use. Let me explain.

Night time is when we rest and take time to replenish and renew ourselves. Your skin in no different. After being exposed to the damaging rays of sunlight during the day, the darkness of night provides the perfect condition for your skin to go to work to rebuild, as well as, create new skin cells. With the right night cream, its possible to boost and support this natural healing function of your body.

What do I mean by the "right" night creams? I'm talking about special products that have been carefully researched, developed and tested with your safe and effective results in mind.

It isn't difficult to locate a night cream. But finding one that isn't loaded with synthetic chemicals, alcohols and fragrances is.

You see, in order for your skin to be able to do its replenishing work at night, it has to be able to "breathe." When you use night creams that contain all these synthetic chemicals your skin cells aren't able to use them. The cells become smothered and that's when you get breakouts, flare-ups and other skin irritations. It also makes the

Night creams that use high concentrations of active, natural ingredients are compatible with your skin. Your cells are natural so it only makes sense that they'd be able to more readily absorb and use ingredients that come from nature. This is nourishment for your skin.

You can think of it like this: when you take healthy food into your body, you are energized and able to accomplish what needs to be done. When you take night cream with natural ingredients into your skin, it becomes energized and is able to accomplish what needs to be done: revitalize collagen and elastin production, protect against damaging free radicals and increase essential hyaluronic acid.

These three skin cell functions are vital to maintaining the healthy, youthful condition and appearance of your skin. And these three functions are most productive at night, when you're sleeping.

So why not make the most of your night time rest? Using quality night creams is a simple, but effective way to keep the signs of aging from showing up on your face.

At my web site, you can find lots more information about the best night creams, as well as, other quality skin products that have been researched, developed and tested with your best results in mind.

About the Author

This article was written by skin care researcher, Therese Higgins, who notes, "If you decide to use night cream, make sure you use a product that has been researched, developed and tested for the best quality. Visit to learn more."

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