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New to this site

Posted by Canadian

I am new to this site and new to the feelings that I have been having.  It is good to see that people can reach out for support, I know that I need a hand to get through this. 

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Im new to this site too! Its great to have people out here for support, if you ever want to talk I would be glad to listen.
i am a newbie too. i have anxiety and have had panic attacks i wonder if the attacks get worser the older you get. cause i almost went into one the other day and this one felt worse than the ones i have had in the past. anyway i am here to help someone and also to recieve any kind of advice that people may have. i take ativan cuz that's the only thing that has worked for me so far.

I'm also a newcomer and I'm not very good at making friends, so I would welcome sincere friendship.  Knowing that you're not alone in your battle really helps alot. 

The few times I went to the hospital, they gave me the same thing, but I take klonopin on a daily basis to keep them from happening. 
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