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nervous legs

Posted by henry

When something is mentioned to me virtually whatever it is, my legs go into nervous mode - particularly the thighs and knees.


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Ian Health Maven
I don't understand what you mean by "nervous mode," Henry.

Is it this:
or something else?


Like some people get a churning stomach with anxiety.

I get these aching/nervous knees and thighs all day with or without worries but are definately made worse by worrying

It's not restless leg syndrome - I can sit still and I can sleep.



Ian Health Maven
Thanks for the additional information, Henry.

I think initially you should try some simple remedies. Omega-3/fish oil has been shown to ease anxiety (start at 1 capsule and build up to 2 or 3 over a few weeks), so has exercise. Valerian may also help in the short term.

If none of these help, then a few sessions of one of the cognitive behavioral therapies, CBT, or REBT, may.



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