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Namtso Lake is also a famous sacred Buddhist spot

Posted Mar 28 2014 2:56am


Nam Tso Pond , located 190 km north of Lhasa is one of the most popular ponds in Tibet. China travel service  In Tibetan terminology, "Nam" indicates Sky and "Tso" indicates Pond, and it is one of the popular pilgrimage ponds in Tibet. Also, Nam Tso Pond is the haven of many varieties of moving parrots and other regional parrots. Nam Tso is the second biggest salt water lake in Chinese suppliers and Tibet, and is roughly 70km long and 30km extensive.

The Pond is readily available from Lhasa. Hiking across the Nyenchen Thanglha Hills to the pebbled shoreline of the sacred Nam Tso requires 6 to One week. The travel begins and finishes at Damzhung area, which is located 160 km north of Lhasa on the Tibet-Quinghai  Lhasa Tour  road. The amazing travel calimbs out of the Damzhung area via Largen-La (4970 m.) then descends to the magical environments of Tashi Do hermitage and the extensive Nam Tso. From Tashi Do, we travel back to Damzhung area via the distant area of Nyenchen Thanglha and Kang-La (5150 m.) successfully pass.

The best season for trekking in Nam Tso Pond is delayed May to Mid-October, however you must be ready at all periods for wet climate, snowfall and cool gusts of wind. Nam Tso located at an elevation of 45980 metres at the advantage of the Alter Tang, Tibet's extensive Northern Stage. Summer season rainfall can be quite chronic during the June and August; also snowfall drop may prevent the way at Largen-La some periods. Since the area is very distant, we should bring hiking & kitchen devices and supply for the whole trekking aspect. we can change the trekking system According to your period of your energy and effort. You can merge Nam Tso lake travel with Lhasa trip or any other Tibet trip that end or begins in Lhasa.

Heavenly Pond Namtso is the biggest lake on the globe  Tibet Travel  seated at 4,718 metres above sea level, 60 miles to the north west of Damxung Nation chair of Lhasa, Tibet. It is one of the three sacred ponds in Tibet and is loved by the natives. During the Tibetan season of lambs, pilgrims from far away come simply to move around the river, a objective that requires over ten periods to finish.

There is a tale that Namtso Pond is the wonderful little girl of close by Bam Pond. China travel agents  She was wedded to the Nyainqentanglha Hills. As time went by, she could not take a position the freezing climate and solitude anymore and so, with a sad center, used all her jewelry, decorations, and jewellery into the river. Hence, it is also said that there are endless secrets at the end of namtso incredible lake hotel.


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