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My westie has started to wet herself she is 9 years old..3 days ago we had to put our other Westie to sleep

Posted by joanna

West highland white  9 years old..wetting herself.

We recently had to put our other Westie bitch to sleep as she had a brain tumour..could this be a reason for the change in behaviour of our present dog..she misses her friend.



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Ian Health Maven

My condolences on the loss of your pet, Joanna.

I don't know much about the illnesses and behaviours of dogs, but the loss of her canine companion is the most likely explanation for your other Westie's problem. If it continues for more than a week or two your vet should be able to suggest ways of helping her to cope. Meanwhile give her lots of love and keep her occupied. Exercise often helps humans to cope with stress and will likely help your Westie too.

Best wishes


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