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My Left Arm Vein Bulges?

Posted by danielv2_0

So I Went To The Doctor Three Times In Three Weeks
And They Drew Blood From Me (For All Those Times I Went).

But The Third Time I Noticed That My Left Arm Vein (Where They Drew Blood From) Was Getting Bulge. It Does This At Random Times And I Dont Know Why It Does This.

Does Anyone Know Why? Sometime The Veins From My Left Wrist Bulge Too, But I Just Think About To Much, Thanks
P.S. I Also Have ANXIETY, Does This Have To Do With Anything?
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Ian Health Maven
Protruding veins is not uncommon so the bulge probably isn't serious.

I suspect that it is something you've had for some time but not noticed until the recent doctor visits and which is now being magnified by your anxiety.

People with some types of anxiety can become fixated on what they perceive is an abnormal physical symptom. Some constantly monitor their breathing, others focus on heart rates or blood pressure, etc. Given that at the root of most anxiety is concerns of dying this is not surprising.

Consulting your doctor about this might be the easiest way of dispelling your immediate concerns. If you are not being treated for the anxiety that might also be a good time to discuss this with the doctor too.

Best wishes


Yes, Thanks So Much. I Feel A Little Relieved. :) To Know What It Was, Because What You Told Me Sounds Pretty Accurate, Of What I Meant To Say.

Ian Health Maven

I see from a subsequent post that you were worried about this being a blood clot (thrombosis) with the possibility of stroke.

Blockages in surface veins are unlikely to cause problems simply because being on the surface they are able to bulge. Varicose veins being an example. People often have these for decades without drama.

The ones that cause problems are in the deeper veins. The usual sign of a clot in a limb is intense pain followed by the affected limb going cold beyond where the blockage is. They need urgent medical attention.


Once Again Thanks So Much Ian. Your The Best :)

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