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My good friend is having panic attacks can I help her in any way? I want to know more about it too?

Posted Oct 07 2009 4:41pm

Posted:  panic attacks

She started having panic attacks in the mourning and blackouts. She went to the Doctor and he perscribed anti-depressants for her and told her she had a chemical inbalance. The Doctor didn' t test her or anything he just asked her question for about ten minutes then perscribed anti-depressants. He later then got his license to practice medicine taken away. Her panic attacks went away but eventually she will have to go off the medication. I have been reading about panic attacks and I am psych major so I understand a little bit about the brain and disorders can anyone help shed more light on the subject of panic attacks and black outs?

I suffer panic attack so I can relate to how your gf must be feeling, & its great she has you being supportive & someone she can talk about her problems to.

When I firt started having panic attacks I had no clue what was happening to me I thought I was going crazy.
It came to a point I had many blackouts and couldnt even leave my house. If I did my heart would start to race so fast & start sweating, tremblin & could not speak nor concentrate etc (all the symptoms).
It' s somthing you have no control over, I read so much advice about the breathing excericse to do, its not useful what so ever!! does not help, well not for me anyways & really dont think it wold help anyone with this disorder. Imagine trying doing it infornt of someone you dont know while having a panic atack they would think your totally insane haha.

Anyways It came to much for me to cope with and it was scary not knowing what was wrong with me so in the end I went to the hospital who diagnosed me with panic disorder.
In away it was kind of a relief knowing what I had wrong with me and knowing it is supposed to be curable over time.
The doctor put me on anti depressents & Trancs
which had MANY side effects but after months of trying different medications finally found one that worked great with me. If I stop taking my medication the PANIC all comes back, or if Im even a few hours late of taking my medication itys really not nice but id rather that than have panic attacks.

Well I hope sharing my information with you helps.

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