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my bottom left hand side of my stomach hurts and every time i put ANYTHING in my mouth I need to go to do a stool.

Posted by JOES

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Ian Health Maven
Is this something that has started recently, Joes, or have you had both the pain and the bowel problem for a while?

While the gastrointestinal tract has it own subset of the brain - the enteric nervous system - which can produce a range of physical effects when anxious, a physical cause for the pain has to be ruled out first and you should consult a physician to have this checked.

If it has been happening for some time, then your second problem may have a psychological component. It takes some hours for food to reach the large bowel, so the need to empty the bowel immediately after eating may be something you have trained yourself to do without necessarily realizing it. Basically, the more often you go the more often you need to because the body will adapt to the routine you create. OTOH, if it has begun suddenly, then you should discuss this with your doctor.

Best wishes


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