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My Baby's Story

Posted May 27 2010 12:00am
It was really scary because I was all alone with my daughter while my husband was at work. I had put her down for a nap, after many hours of her crying. I thought it was a perfect time for me to catch a break and rest myself. I fell asleep for about an hour when I began to feel pressure and anxiety near my heart. Because I had gone through a panic attack a few years prior I knew what was happening to me. Then the tingle down my left arm began to surface and I started to really become panicked. How was I supposed to take care of myself meanwhile aiding to my infant child. I called my husband immediately and asked him to come home from work. Thankfully my daughter was still sleeping. So many frightening thoughts were going through my mind, like, will I live like this forever, am I a sick/unhealthy person - I felt totally defective as a person and mother.

After my husband came home we went straight to my doctor's office. I was all out of sorts. I didn't want to talk much and I had mini panic attacks while waiting in his office. It was pretty evident to him that I needed to go back on Cymbalta, because it was a chemical imbalance issue triggered by my anxiety. As much as hearing this was devastating, it was a relief at the same time, because I know that the medication worked for me in the past. I was able to travel, to go back to work, to laugh, etc. And in this case, it meant that I could be a mom.

It took me a couple of weeks for my body to adjust to the medication, but on top of this I was feeling EXTREMELY DIZZY. At first I blamed it on the Cymbalta, until my doctor later diagnosed it as a sinus infection. I had to and may need to continue to take antibiotics for my sinus issues. And this has all taken place within the last three weeks!
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