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My Arm And Wrist Vein BULGE!!!

Posted by danielv2_0

So For The Past Days Or So, I Noticed That My WRIST Vein Bulge Alot And My Left Arm Vein.

Idk What This Is But It Gets Me Anxious.

On Both The Wrist, The Vein Look Wide And Bulge, They Don't Look Blue, But Sometimes They Do.

And A Little Nudge Of Pain Here And There(Like Needles Or A Pinch)...

This Has Happened Recently. Does This Have To Do With My Anxiety And I Look At Them Alot!!!

I Dont Feel It All The Time. But Recently I Have


And Right Now The Opposite Side Of My Palm Been Hurting (Near Where The Knuckles Are)

Ohh And I See Them Most Where My Arms Are Layed Down (Like If Im Reading A Book Or If I Have Them Straight Down Like A Soilder Would) They Bulge!

And When I Have My Arm Raising UP They Go Away....

 This Is Odd But I Would Like To Know.

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