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Moments Of Clarity

Posted Mar 25 2009 4:25pm

Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: trekkyandy

One of the biggest problems that anxiety sufferers face is the fear of going crazy.  This sounds like an over statement but for many people with anxiety losing their mind seems like a real possibility.  Some time ago I wrote a post about why anxiety sufferers are not crazy and I thought of one more reason why this is true.

Previously I had basically pointed out two things about anxious people that real crazy people can’t do.  The first is crazy people don’t know that they are crazy and they don’t know what it means to be crazy.  Second, anxiety sufferers know right from wrong and follow societal rules like everyone else - something crazy people simply have a difficult time pulling off.

Well, the other reason that an anxious person should know that they are not in fact insane is the amount and quality of clarity moments.  A moment of clarity in this case means a time when you are not anxious at all and for all intent and purposes feel normal.

I suppose detractors would point out that lots of people, like junkies, alcoholics, and the insane, also have moments of clarity.  However, my point is that our moments are very clear and not so great because the anxious tend to teeter on normal more times than they think.

I have moments of clarity all the time and sadly I ignore most of them.  I suppose I don’t appreciate them like I should, but more to the point they are a reminder that a) You’re not crazy and b) Anxiety can subside if even just for a few minutes or hours.  In others words, there is hope.

In the past I’ve had so called clear moments for weeks at a time.  Back to the old me and on the verge of not thinking about anxiety anymore.  Obviously this post is evidence that my anxiety came back (real knee slapper) but at least I know those moments will come back again.  To the future my friends, if not today or tomorrow one day down the road you will have a moment of clarity so hang in there.

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