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Mobile power pack discharge use of time by which factors

Posted Jan 02 2013 3:10am
The discharge use time of the mobile power is determined primarily by the size, conversion rate, and the discharge current. The conversion rate usb power pack refers to the effect of the pressor system capacity consumed. The transition of the boost circuit output voltage of 3.7V to 5V, the loss of capacity in this procedure occurs in the circuit on the original. So the real usage capacity is not all of the discharge capacity of the battery. Generally, the mobile power pack conversion rate of more than 85% to be regarded as excellent booster Portable mobile power pack circuit design. So we actually used in the discharge capacity is about 85% of the battery capacity. Mobile power capacity in mAh, and the meaning of the concept of the duration of a fixed current discharge rate discharge. Current discharge rate is generally multiples of the capacity. Different digital devices are generally accept mobile supply voltage of about 5V, the current value will be different. Mobile the size of the power supply capacity to determine the discharge capacity, discharge current size determines the length of the discharge time.
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