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Mmpi Skin

Posted Jul 09 2010 4:39am

Mmpi Skin's expansive collection of reviews features even more facts on Patricia Wexler .

Find a detailed review of Patricia Wexler at, a highly informative skin care product review site.

Patricia Wexler Overview

Though the Bath and Body Works website is brimming with accolades for some ingredients, it doesn’t bother to mention others. In fact, there is no online account of what these products contain, which is very unfortunate for online shoppers. As some customer comments on the official website state, this makes purchasing Patricia Wexler products too much of a risk.

Wexler is a dermatologist who uses "MMPi.20™ anti-aging technology" to prevent the production of MMPs. MMps breakdown the structure of skin, but also replenishes it by "recycling" substances like collagen and elastin. Some claim most are bad and they come from the sun, pollution, stress, aging, smoking.

Wexler claims her ingredients cleanse, exfoliate, restore, moisturize, and protect from sun. The products are affordable but are likely lesser ingredients than many of the top rated products on the market. Also included in the line are an intensive night reversal and repair cream, a skin regenerating serum, an intensive 3-in-1 eye cream, and anti-aging and dual action cleansers.

Fastscriptions™ (which in general is a surgery alternative makeup products) Wrinkle Smoother uses GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) Forte mixed with Argireline.

Ingredients At A Glance

The only information given upfront about Patricia Wexler ingredients is that the Fastscriptions™ Wrinkle Smoother is made with GABA Forte and Argireline while a number of her anti-aging formulas feature MMPi.20™.

Ingredients In Focus

The combination of Argireline and GABA Forte may have its benefits; Argireline is among the best wrinkle reducing components on the market. It doesn’t only smooth out existing wrinklesArgireline also prevents the development of new lines and creases. GABA Forte is a bit less impressive. When it is made by the brain and administered to nerves, GABA has a soothing effect. Research shows it does not necessarily react that same way when applied to the skin.

All we know of the MMPi.20™ complex is that it is meant to protect the skin from sags and wrinkles by blocking MMPs (matrix metalloproteinases). While MMP enzymes may contribute to the breakdown of the skin’s matrix, some of them help facial health by removing and replacing dead cells. MMPi.20™ could potentially keep your skin from replacing its own collagenthis process, however, can be helped rather than hindered by a product like Matrixyl 3000 (which we whole-heartedly suggest you look into).

The absence of full ingredient lists leaves us guessing what the other products in this line containthey might be made with good hydrators like Hyaluronic Acid or ingredients like alcohol that take moisture from the face.


  • Some products in this line are more affordable than typical skin care items
  • One particular formula incorporates Argireline, a very effective wrinkle and line reducer


  • Doesn’t seem to include a moisturizer like Hyaluronic Acid
  • Key ingredient that is supposed to aid the skin’s matrix may inadvertently hinder its health by destroying beneficial enzymes
  • Testimonials on the official website often reflect disappointment with results as well as the lack of ingredient information
  • Samples not consistently offered online and are only occasionally available in-store

Final Thoughts

While it is difficult to make a judgment about a product without knowing exactly what it contains, we believe it is safe to say that Patricia Wexler’s products are missing some key components. If they contained a significant amount of any other key ingredients, we are sure they’d be found on the official website. And MMPi.20™, GABA, and Argireline together do not comprise a complete face care regimen.

One of the top priorities of a skin care product should be the replacement of collagen; collagen is integral to the health of facial skin and its lack is often the cause of sagging, wrinkles, and a dull complexion. There are products on the market that help your body make its own collagen, particularly those that contain Martixyl 3000. You can add to this replenishment by using Hyaluronic Acid, a hydrator that mimics the skin’s own moisture.

About the Author

Hey there! My name is Dylan and I am from the beautiful South! I am a recent college graduate that has a passion for beauty, not just inner, but outter as well. I am a beauty product gal that likes to try them all with no fear!! I post reviews on these products to spread the knowledge to people so they know what they are getting themselves into! I aim to be straight forward and to tell nothing but the truth, as that would be what I would want when reading a review.

So I hope they help y'all out!

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