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Mindfulness Practice: Breath Awareness

Posted Nov 15 2010 5:40am

Developing a mindfulness practice isn't something that you can do overnight. In fact, that need for quick fix, instant gratification, now, now, now! is why we need to take our time developing mindfulness.

So, as hard as it might seem (it will get easier, you'll just have to take my word for it) go old school and enjoy taking the long way.

Breath Awareness, the Mindful Way

For the next seven days, find a quiet place and time and try the following
Take a few moments each day (2-5 minutes) to focus on your breathing. With each breath you take, think the following "As I breathe in, I notice I am breathing in. As I breathe out, I notice I am breathing out."

Just notice your breath. Do you inhale/exhale through your nose or mouth?

Notice the air expanding your lungs as you inhale. Notice your lungs contracting as you push the air out with each exhale.

Is there a pause between the inhale and the exhale?

Is the inhale the same length as the exhale? Or is the exhale slightly longer?

Are your breaths smooth, choppy, or a little of both?

What else do you notice about your breath?

When your mind starts to wander, just notice it and bring your awareness back to your breath. (Notice that I said when your mind wanders, not if.)

Just practice noticing without judgment, without definition.

So, how did it feel? How do you feel now compared to when you started?

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