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Mindfulness Lesson 2: Increasing Breath Awareness

Posted Jul 13 2009 10:35pm
Mindfulness is a way of being in our lives as they are right now. Often we're anxiously anticipating the future, chronically stuck in the past, or on "automatic pilot" instead of being present in the right now.

Through the practice of mindfulness, you can learn to develop greater calmness, clarity, and insight in facing and embracing all of your life experiences - even life's trials, and turning them into occasions for learning, growing, and deepening your own strength and wisdom.

This week's practice builds on last week's beginning breath awareness.

Throughout the coming week, take a few moments each day to continue focusing on your breath.

Notice how you are breathing:

"Breathing in a long breath, I know I am breathing in a long breathe. Breathing out, I know I am breathing out a long breath.”

This will vary depending on what we notice about our breathing – our breath can be long, short, deep, easy, uneasy, etc. We simply notice the characteristics of our breath.

Become aware and notice the characteristic of each breath... Without judging or defining.

It's OK if your mind wanders, just notice it and bring your attention back to the breath.

Have a mindful day,

Katie Goode, LMFT
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