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Mindfulness Lesson 1: Breath Awareness

Posted Jul 06 2009 6:02pm
This week's mindfulness lesson: Breath Awareness

For the next seven days, find a quiet place and time and try the following:

Take a few moments each day (2-5 minutes) to focus on your breathing. With each breath you take, think the following "As I breathe in, I notice I am breathing in. As I breathe out, I notice I am breathing out."

Just notice your breath. Do you inhale/exhale through your nose or mouth?

Notice the air expanding your lungs as you inhale. Notice your lungs contracting as you push the air out with each exhale.

Is there a pause between the inhale and the exhale?

Is the inhale the same length as the exhale? Or is the exhale slightly longer?

Are your breaths smooth, choppy, or a little of both?

What else do you notice about your breath?

When your mind starts to wander, just notice it and bring your awareness back to your breath. (Notice that I said when your mind wanders, not if.)

Just practice noticing without judgment, without definition.

Check Back next Monday for lesson 2.

Katie Goode, LMFT
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