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Market participants pointed out that at Cheap Beats By Dre present the market do more

Posted Dec 28 2012 9:02am

Advocate get Cheap Beats By Dre rid of deflation and revive the economy second Abe cabinet was formally established in 26. Japanese business really looking forward to Mr Abe cabinet can activate economic implement relevant policies.

Toyota President Toyota chapter man said: "campaign program saw many promote overseas investment and content, to the multinational enterprise is very valuable." As the market look forward to bold monetary easing lead to falling yen, Mr Abe new cabinet was export related enterprise welcome.

However, Toyota chapter men think, at present still in the yen too higher correction stage. Japan iron steel union President, Nippon steel live gold President friend wild macro says "Japanese manufacturing in the future depends on the trend of the new cabinet policy operation", hope to cheap dre beats be able to improve the yen's higher called "six heavy bitter" difficult business environment.

Expect to retry to zero nuclear power as the goal of democratic energy policy call is very strong, but a lot of business people think the new cabinet energy policy is not transparent.

The Japanese system of the paper, the Japanese system paper group President aromatic HeYiXiong looking forward to adjust policy, referred to as "hope to be able to review including nuclear power, the future energy policy". Electric power company cadre also hope to restart nuclear power plant as soon as possible, saying "nuclear power plant outage will increase fuel cost, hope to stop this national treasure of the situation of the loss of", Mr Abe's related decided to attention.

The LDP did not make clear a "cross Pacific strategic economic partnership agreement" (TPP) problems are worrying. Japan, the chairman of the board of trade products mitsui TianSongYing gun pointed out that "the TPP can not only promote exports and investment, to promote the domestic stretch the rules, have the effect of boosting domestic demand. If Mr Abe cabinet can't respond to business negotiations as soon as possible to join TPP the expectations, may soon lose the support of the business.

India a 23-year-old female college students and a male friend in local time 16 a car in new Delhi on the bus by many men raped and beaten, and then thrown out. Two people were rescued cheap dr dre beats after being taken to hospital, female students seriously. Indian officials said, this girl in stable condition, are forwarded to Singapore hospital continue to treatment.

Reported that India female students at night to go home by bus gang-raped and beating the days in new Delhi and other regions of mass protests to the government of India, people put forward strongly criticized. Indian prime minister manmohan singh called on people to remain calm, and promised to take all measures to guarantee the safety of women. At present protests gradually tend to be calm, Indian authorities has lifted the presidential palace and parliament building in the region beats by dre cheap near the blockade.

India's home minister SuXiEr · kumar · hin DE to reassuring, said the government will consider to rape continue put to death. Sunny's commitment to the Indian government determined to strengthen domestic women more than of safety, also requires the demonstrators dissolution. He said: "you have shown that you and the victim are Marshall."

It is reported, new Delhi has happened this year 661 rapes than last year, nearly 20% of the country's big cities, it is occurred in the largest number of rape.

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