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Managing Holiday Anxiety

Posted Dec 16 2010 3:42am

We're in the midst of the holiday season and life is moving faster than ever. I seem to have my anxiety in check, but for the first time today I felt a bit clostrophobic with the crowd of people who were shopping at Toys R Us this morning. I figured going on a weekday would mean shorter lines and a pleasant overall experience, but I sort of felt sucked in by the holiday stress of other people. I was going for my basic essentials and hadn't planned on being thrown into the mix of eager bargain shoppers, but nonetheless I was. The checkout line wrapped around the middle of the store, but I needed to get the things that I went there I waited. And waited. I finally got to the register and was greeted by a friendly employee who I'm sure is far more stressed out by the situation than I was. Afterall, I get to leave after my purchase. It was good to know that I could check that errand off my "To-Do" list, so sometimes we need to see the good instead of the bad. There are certain things that we just can't get around and that has part to do with how the anxiety can get the best of us. The fear can outway the inner strength that we all have inside of us. I wanted to turn the car around and go home, because I was tired to begin with and long lines immediately make me anxious. Standing in one place for a period of time is something that I struggle with. But instead of turning and running away from the situation, I faced it head on. I looked at my baby and reminded myself that she depends on me and I had to find the strength that I know I have...and I did it. Crossing my fingers that the rest of my holiday errands are just as easy to manage.

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