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Major chest pains for 5 weeks.

Posted by SeeSee289

I am 29 years old and I have had major chest pains for 5 weeks.  It hurts all the time and more when I get stressed out.  It even hurts when I cough.  Could this be anxiety?? My doctor has done xrays and it has come back clear. could I have pulled something or is it in fact anxiety?
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Ian Health Maven

Yes, it may be anxiety. If the usual medical tests have drawn a blank then it is highly likely it is. This doesn't mean it is all in your head. Anxiety can produce real physical symptoms, it is just that the cause isn't physiological.

Given this has now been going on for 5 weeks it probably won't go away of its own accord. You need to begin treating it asap. The longer anxiety disorders are left to fester the harder they can become to resolve. Get your doctor to explain the treatment options.


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