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Maidi decided to travel to China in the late career play

Posted Oct 09 2012 7:28am
Maidi decided to travel to China in the late career play.Maidi joined the CBA raised by fans for unlimited memory of maidi an entire NBA career.Maidi is a 9th rank in 1997 draft picks the Assembly selected by fierce Dragon landed of the NBA, in the Dragon'snike air more uptempo for sale   first season, maidi performance satisfactory, one minute 7 rebounds, but he has show potential to become superstars.1999-00 season, namely maidi career third year, maidi finally broke through the bottleneck, ushered in the explosion, were able to cut down 15.4 points 6.3 rebounds 3.3 assists.But with Vince-Carter of the light was too bright, to escape cousin's aura, maidi decided to cast magic.

2000-01 season, maidi joined the magic, also voted with the maidi grant-Hill, but unfortunately ahead of Hill's first season on the reimbursement, maidi alone left hold of the overall situation.Maidi also took the opportunity to gradually move towards its peak, data jumped to 26.8 7.5 rebounds 4.6 assists, scores jumped bykobe bryant shoes for sale more than 10 points, he also won that year's award for the fastest progress, killed and led the magic in the playoffs.In magic of third a season (2002-03 season), maidi finally reached has career career of most peak, he field are can detonation Xia 32.1 points 6.5 rebounds 5.5 assists 1.7 steals, won year of scored King Crown, again rate team killed into playoffs, and in playoffs first round once to 3-1 leading piston, unfortunately is piston staged Super big reversed, eventually to 3-4 out, this is maidi career career most near playoffs second round of once.Maidi at the season winning the first lineup of the NBA, and ranked fourth in the MVP voting.

The following year (2003-04 season) maidi power is not reduced, one minute 28 rebounds 5.5 assists, defending the scoring, but the magic finished a nose dive, only 21 WINS, 61, maidi magic days came to an end.Maidi 2004-05 season by trading came to the rockets and Yao Ming work hand in hand in 3 seasons before maidi still maintains the strength of the League's top players, have respectively have been cut down 25.7 points, 24.4 and 24.6 points, 2004-05 and 2006-07 of the season season, the rockets a regret 3-4 score of each calf, jazz, maidi leader ability was called into question.Maidi gradually from the altar after dropping, and the initiator is sick, 2008-09 season, injury-ridden maidi of 21.6 points per game from last season dropped to 15.6 points, even the rockets fans expressed dissatisfaction to him.This time, maidi came to an intersection, he finally left, but make the final decision is the rockets.Maidi completely leaving the rockets lost superstar rings, 3 consecutive season made his way in the Nick, pistons and hawks, individual performance is also one year than one year, 3 years of 9.4 points 8 points and 5.3 points per game respectively.And by the summer of 2012, maidi was reduced to a ball to play.From scoring that year to today's market, maidi also experience the desolation of Allan-Iverson.
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