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Looking for Natural relief for Anxiety/Panic Attacks? Need some quick and natural relief if there is such.?

Posted Apr 16 2010 10:37pm

Going through a rough time right now and am having severe anxiety. Very close to a panic attack and I’m scared. My DR will not prescribe anything other than Prozac and that isn’t helping although taken for several years. Looking for something natural, (I will continue with Prozac) it’s the only way I can do this. PLease don’t respond w/find another DR…I can’t afford to. Need some quick and natural relief if there is such a thing.

Three things I learned that really helped me.
1. Relaxation tapes (some people call them self hypnosis)
2. Get plenty of sleep (with the help of the tapes – took about 1 month to work)
3. When you start to feel anxious, start deep breathing exercises. Slowly breath in to the count of 3, hold your breath slightly and then let it out to the count of 3. Sounds silly but it really works straight away.

Definitely DO NOT USE weed as this will make things 10 times worse!

Prozac might not be the best meds for you. There are several medications and many different strengths. I had to try several before I got the right one for me. Good luck..

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