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leather ugg boots he settles at air

Posted Nov 10 2012 7:17am
knot to fructify solid shot on the head of old snake and waved what it hit for a while, but basically had never hurt to arrive the slightest, its only the Cape project an absolute being long grass and printed a green ugg ultimate boots wood to split to fly to go out a while and heavily fell in the distance, a heap of mountain the stone all hit Ji powder.Green wood treasure's printing don't ruin, after all this is Han Fei Yu's grand uncle is he in person the weapon of fiesta chain, the wood prints inner part to engrave many lines and deployed various uggs outlet strong"power", very difficult truely destroy.Han Fei Yu fixs for not enough, can not also develop the real power that a treasure prints, at present can not harm jade Cape snake."Grand uncle Help!"Be absorbed first half empty Han Fei Yu's scare by the snake demon to shout loudly, at this time he a noodles jade before the chest wear to gleam a glory and form one light act, leather ugg boots he settles at air, the old snake is hard to swallow him to entrance in.Han Fei Yu suddenly thinks of, this is along with his grand uncle to give repeated advice to the jade that he must take to wear, see come now is stay to give him urgent juncture to protect what life use.On an edge of distance, suddenly start to hurtle a together green long grass, a shadow of human figure controls absolute being Hong but goes to and winked to arrive at asheihsdkjh a near front.Old snake the ugg tasmina heart have been already been afraid of, draw off quickly and backward and abandonned Han Fei Yu of midair.Li Lin and Li Yun immediately peeps out happy expression, Han Fei Yu shouted loudly more, way:"The grand uncle save me quickly!"The absolute being Hong hurtles into, green light flicker, a body rickets, with disheveled hair of the old man appear here, a hold tight Han Fei Yu, take he lands on the ground, Li Lin and Li Yun quickly comes forward to see a gift.Distance, leaf any also stopped down with huge Bo, two human face face reading Qu, feel some discomforts, want to immediately and far escape, but discover that the old man's vision swept their several eyes and had already at that moment and then no longer acted rashly.The strong that can control absolute being Hong, if target them, be want to escape to be also impossibly, 2 people didn't move a step, quietly the station watches over there.This old man's body isn't ugg tasmina high, scrawny, plus rickets again body, Gao however one meter five.He with disheveled hair, snow-white long hair, covered up faces all, saw not pure their facial appearances, only one hands that can see him are withered and matchless, the skin embraces bone, is like a jet black bird claw son is general."Elder luckily you arrive to in time, otherwise we all died here " Li Lin after coming forward with Li Yun to see the gift says like this, at

uggs outlet

the same time facing leaf any is bad to mercilessly stare with huge Bo, way:"This time your dead settle!"But Han Fei Yu is also a gnash teeth in hatred, continuously the low voice says to the old man what, from of his air could see is to think any to is disadvantageous with huge Bo to the leaf, look in the eyes to this place hope come gloomy but cold, was full of to hate an idea.Is emaciated don't realize at present 3 people such as elder of old ghost sort, he looking at the jade Cape of leather ugg boots front the snake continuously nod, voice deep and low and hoarse, be like at any time will break spirit generally, way:"Is quite good, very good, the jade Cape of snake spirit is the good material of chain medicine "The jade Cape snake has been already touched with spiritual and respond dangerous, rapid retreat, snake tongue continuously vomit, want to escape but go to.In this a moment with disheveled hair of old man, float to go generally and forward such as the demon, don't want to put it to leave.The old snake opens mouth to spew out poisonous fog, the moment drowned he, but the green light gleams, one regiment the mysterious glory appear outside elder's body and completely block snake poison at outside."Chi"The jade Cape of old snake overhead breaks out absolute being with blazing one light, several sting purpose absolute being long grass successively rushes out, and facing elder penetrates since then."When be to be"Hands over a shot sort such as the soldier of absolute being of the voice ring out, elder's hand holds one green wood Chinese foot of chasing and are all shot Kuis all absolute being long grasses ugg ultimate boots and make it spread among the woodland.Yu Jiao She felt dangerous, quickly turned round to escape and wanted to keep off here.However elder no longer gives it the opportunity and suddenly rushes out 12 green long grasses in the withered body, 12 enlarge green wood sword quickly, insert a ground respectively, form a cage, jade Cape the snake trap at in."Automatically shed off jade Cape, if want to ruin it of words, I lived to pare off you!"The elder words Yin annoys dark, stare at that jade Cape snake.The old snake seems to record very cut up rough, fierce brighten in the double eyes prosperous, the jade Cape is also that the ray of light is bright, wants to gather all divine powers, carry on the last shot.
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