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Learn to Cherish---TWO

Posted Feb 24 2012 5:40am
When the police came there, Bruce was waiting for accepting the punishment. As the law, Bruce was sent to the jail. At that time, pandora was just fifteen years old. She just remembered that her father killed her mother. She would not have a happy family any longer. She was like an orphan. Her father taught her how to play cards when she was only five. She exercised it everyday. She was born with the talent of gambling. It was easy for her to win. But she knew that it was not a good habit. In order to make a living, she found a job in a casino as a waitress. She could get some pandora silver as a tip. She was gathering money to buy a car. Five years later, Bruce was free again. He kept exercising gambling in the jail. He went to the biggest casino in the city. Because he was skilled in operating the cards, he won much pandora gold again. The next day, he bought a new car to show his wealth. He picked up his daughter. He asked her to go home with him. He also bought her some beautiful pandora charms as a reward. Pandora accepted. In fact, Pandora hated her father deeply all the time. She swore that she would revenge her mother’s death. One day, an idea came into her mind. She put it into practice in the next morning. She stole the key to the car and drove it away. She considered that her father would call the police, because someone had stolen his favorite car. She waited for the police to send her into the jail. Thus, she would make him feel guilty. However, things did not go as she expected. She received a mail from his father the next week. She opened it and found some credentials in it. There was no doubt that her father had sent the car to Pandora. Pandora went on traveling. She lived on gambling. She exchanged her mother’s pandora bracelets for money. Once upon, she made a bet on her car with a girl named Lily. Unluckily, Pandora lost. Lily promised to pick her up. They became good friends soon. One day, Lily answered a call instead of Pandora. It was from the hospital. It said that Bruce was dying. Pandora did not believe it at all. As a matter of fact, Bruce always lied to Pandora as an excuse of illness. He wanted to live with Pandora. He bought her some pandora jewelry. But Pandora refused. Bruce locked her in her room, but Pandora escaped from the window. Pandora held an idea that Bruce hired the hospital to cheat her. Lily did not think so. She asked Pandora to learn to cherish. “Something will not be ours if it has gone”, she said. Pandora went to the hospital with Lily. What was worse, Bruce was dead. In his relics, there was a letter and a pandora necklace. The letter was about apologies to Pandora. Bruce expressed his love to her. The necklace was the present on her birthday. He told her the truth of her mother’s death. It was a mistake. He did not intend to hurt Julia. Reading the letter, tears flowed down from Pandora’s face. She regretted her wrong behaviors. She had no chance to say goodbye to him. A week later, Pandora inherited her father’s wealth. She asked Lily to leave her the car, because it was the last present from her father. She decided to drive it until she died. She bought a new car for Lily. Since then, Pandora learned to cherish everyday in her life. She did not want to lose anything any more.
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