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Lakers today 125-112 to nike zoom elite 5 women's rocket

Posted Jan 10 2013 6:38am
Lakers today 125-112 to nike zoom elite 5 women's rocket away, extended their losing streak to 4, even the embarrassing early last month. In fact, if you look at race, will find that their situation is more serious, because their next two opponents will be the Spurs and Thunder, if these two were defeated, they would be exposed to 6 for 6 years, the longest losing streak. But compared with today, when the Lakers defeat can be said to be insensitive, but now can only be described with the strength to weak. Although their lineup is very gorgeous, but when after almost half of the season, they still fail to show satisfactory state, the so-called gorgeous became imagined better, at least from a realistic look, they're not so good.?
2012-2013 season, Spain Kings Cup one-eighth final round at George Bernard Shaw Wu staged a focus of war, Real Madrid at home against Delta. First half the match Ronaldo completing the plum blossoms BL, there is also a break being as offside nike air relentless 2 sale blow out the miscalculation; race Ramos to yellow to red in the second half were directly sent off, Ronaldo completed his hat-trick before the final, Khedira gilding, eventually Real Madrid Home 4-0, 5-2 total score out of Delta. The next round, Real Madrid against Valencia.
In yesterday's new year Premiership in the first world war, home 0:1 baoleng lost to Chelsea in the League deputy leader Queens Park, Bay in Rafael Benitez made a large rotation of the competition, Chuquicamata, and Ramírez, Ajara and other main none first appearance. Benitez explained that because the team is too tired before he decided to rotate, "I do not regret making rotation decision, we cannot allow the same player to play every game. If you're in your own home playing a team bottom of the rankings, you have to trust your players, and I was done. ”????
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