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Kundalini Yoga Cat Pose for Fighting Fear

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:36pm
Anxiety Tip of the Week July 14, 2008

This is a Kundalini Yoga technique that I found on the website On the website are a variety of free yoga and meditation techniques. As always, before you start any exercise program check with your primary care physician.

Fear Fighting Yoga Cat Technique Practice Details:

a. Step-by-Step Instructions for Fear Fighting Cat Technique:

* Come onto the floor on all fours. Make sure your hands are directly under your shoulders, about shoulder width apart and knees are directly under your hips, about hip distance apart.

* Next bring your head down and your chin towards your chest as you arch your back up like a cat.

* After coming into cat pose inhale fully then EXHALE and HOLD YOUR BREATH OUT. With your breath held out, start to pump your stomach as many times as you can at about 1 pump a second or a little faster. Pumping your stomach means to pull/suck in your stomach front wall towards your spine and then releasing it.

* Do as many pumps as you can with your breath held out and then take a deep inhalation, then exhale completely once more and repeat the cycle. Do as many cycles as you like.

b. Duration for Fear Fighting Cat Technique:

* 1 minute - 11 minutes.

c. Benefits of Fear Fighting Cat Technique:

* Helps fight fears and clears the diaphragm and abdominal region of emotional garbage.
* Very good for the digestive system.
* It helps expand and build the nervous system.
* When the exhale/pump phase is done for longer periods of time, it can help one fight the fear of death and build in one great courage and fearlessness.

d. Practice Tips for Fear Fighting Cat Technique:

* Initially do not overdo this exercise. Only hold your breath out for as long as comfortable.
* Once you feel stronger and confident, hold your breath and try to stay relaxed even as panic comes to the system due to breath deprivation. Please be intelligent and use common sense here and DO NOT push too much.

Have a great day!

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