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Keep the Anxiety Guru Show Alive

Posted Dec 30 2009 10:09pm

Many of you know that recently I was planning to unplug the Anxiety Guru Show.  And now that the deadline I set is here it pains me to do this, so I had an idea.

For those of you that don’t know The Anxiety Guru Show is a podcast that I produce.  Anyway, due to money issues I thought of closing down the podcast until things improved economically.

The problem is that many people love the podcast and gain a great deal from it.  This is why closing it down without a fight made me cringe.  So running a short fund raiser I guess will be a good way of checking to see how much people want to keep this service around.

Here is the bottom line.  I write this blog and produce the podcast because I’m passionate about what I do.  I don’t do this for money, and in fact I lose some money as a result.  The few dollars I do earn from ads (we are talking pennies) helps with only a portion of the expense of running this site.

What I do is help people.  I’ve received hundreds of emails from people all over the world that thank me for helping them out, even if that help is modest.

Thing is, most of those emails come from podcast listeners.  People that made a connection with me and hopefully learned a little something.

I’d like nothing more than to continue the podcast, but I need some help.  Giving my time and effort for free is not a problem.  It sounds cheesy but every time I get one of those thank you emails I always feel the same, happy, fulfilled, and motivated to continue.

But when it comes to out of pocket expenses, well that’s a different matter altogether.  So then, to keep the podcast alive I need to raise $200.  With this money I can continue to produce the podcast for another 12 months.

Sounds like chump change, but you tell that to my wife!  Seriously though, it’s not a huge amount of money but nowadays every dollar counts.

I was reluctant to have a fund raiser because I know some people get annoyed or mostly just ignore them.  But please don’t ignore the Anxiety Guru Show.  Whether it’s the podcast or the blog you enjoy, help me continue so that the people that do find me on the internet can know my message and feel just a bit better about their situation.

I figure that if I don’t get the donations needed I will at least know that I tried to keep the show alive.

Now, if you’ve read this far I’m hoping that means you’re in the mood to donate to this great cause.  Just hit the donate button below or on the homepage and complete the Paypal donation form.  $1, $2, any amount is appreciated.

Because it’s through Paypal all donations will be processed through their secure website.  And whether you donate or not, I want to wish you and your family happiness and prosperity in 2010.  Happy New Year!

Goal: $200 Donations: $0

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