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ive been experiencing weird body sensations. it feels like something is dropping on my skin, then just vanishes. anxiety?

Posted by stakii

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Ian Health Maven

 It could be, stakii. However, it might also be a nerve problem. Your doctor should be able to determine which. 

Best wishes


yeah, ive seen 3 doctors.. 2 say its anxiety related, and the other said it's a nerve thing.. just pressure on the nerves.. im just scared i have ms :S im sure they would of been able to determine. i hope anyway!
Ian Health Maven
What tests have they done, stakii?

I'm no expert, but what you are describing is not typical of MS. IPlus, it is a fairly rare illness - about 20-180 per 100,000 depending on where you live (gets progressively more prevalent at higher latitudes).


i know, it's just when i typed it into google, thats the first thing that came up!! i think im just being paranoid..

the blood tests that i had done were:

thyroid, full blood count, blood glucose, liver function, electrolytes, vitamin b12 and iron studies.. everything came back normal!!

the doctor told me to stop worrying, because he's not concerned about it at all!

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