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It’s the Little Things That Make a BIG Difference in Your Business

Posted Sep 22 2011 8:00am

A lot of times business owners think that in order to get their business to where they’d like it to be, they have to completely overhaul everything they do…

But reality is a lot simpler.

The little things can have a HUGE impact.

  • Follow Up
  • After a networking event email one or two people and invite them to coffee
  • After coffee, call or send a handwritten note thanking them for meeting with you
  • After talking with a prospect, send an email with more details on your program and schedule a time to check in
  • Send a thank you note EVERY time you get a referral to that referral source
  • Send a thank you note EVERY time a new client signs on with you
  • Exceed Expectations. You don’t have to give 150% service, even 101% can have an impact
  • Call to check in with your current clients, past clients, prospects, referral sources, and everyone in your network. Pick one or two people per day and call to see how they’re doing and if you can help them in any way
  • Connect the people you meet with other people or resources
  • Send a little “just because” card to someone
  • Have a positive attitude and SMILE every time you pick up the phone or when someone walks in the door
  • Spend a little time every day thinking about one small thing you can do for someone
  • Check in with your current clients and ask for feedback
  • Check in with your referral sources and ask for feedback
  • Change your email signature to ask for referrals
  • Send a note to a current or past client asking for a referral
  • Admit a mistake

Pick one small thing to do each day, every day and build it into your day. Which of these ideas will you do today? Tomorrow?

To borrow from Nike “Just do it!”

Want an extraordinary and successful business? It’s important to surround yourself with the mentors and tools for taking your business to the next level (and beyond). The future is ripe with possibilities.  Contact me directly to get started.

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