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Is Yoga A Religion?

Posted Oct 18 2009 8:16am

by Anne on October 18, 2009

in My Thoughts, Yoga

Many people that are Jews or Christians are worried that Yoga is an Asian religion. They are afraid of that if they follow Yoga, they could weaken their religious beliefs. Is this true?

The short answer to those questions is: Rather than weaken their own belief, Yoga exercises can in fact deepen it.

Yoga is linked to India’s two remarkable spiritual-ethnic cultures, the Buddhism and Hinduism. Therefore persons who teach Yoga are implanted with lots of thoughts that contain the Buddhist or Hindu believes like the concepts of rebirth and karma and also the belief that many Deva exist beside the one ultimate Reality. We can compare Deva to angels in Christianity, Obviously, these beliefs aren’t required to Yoga exercises. Actually, we don’t need to believe in anything at all besides the prospect that we could renovate our-self: we are able to go outside of the present, feel and understand the universe.
Yoga make you realize that we have not access the maximum possibilities as a human being. Especially, Yoga tries to make us in contact along with our interior spirituality that whom we really are. Instead of being supposed to follow the conventional explanations, we’re totally free to let our particular knowledge and realization to form our awareness.

Yoga continues to be practiced by different people that have vastly different concepts and beliefs. Certain Yoga users believe in the God whom created the world, other people prefer the metaphysics which regards universe as deceptive as well as supreme Fact as unique and formless. Still many (particularly the users of Theravada Buddhism) won’t theorize concerning metaphysical topics. So, some Yoga users are a bit more religious as compared to the rest. However Yoga by itself is actually a method to discover the depth of the human being nature, of looking into the secrets of the human body and also the mind.

Yoga assists all people, no matter what is their believes, simply by balancing the body and also calming the mind by many different exercises as posture, breathing control and meditation. Yoga’s traditions is broad enough to let people choose just the appropriate ways which will not conflict along with their own beliefs. More importantly, people will see in Yoga various thoughts relating to moral daily life tolerance, compassion, and freedom from jealousy, anger, and greed.

If we really want to understand ourselves more profoundly and develop awareness of the actual world wherewe live, Yoga is the best way to go.

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