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IS today a good day?

Posted Jul 10 2010 11:09am

It is 11am and I am feeling pretty good..  Took the prozac early, along with the klonopin.  And it seems to be working well together.   I have been attack free for a couple of days.  And am Learning that 1. when the attack comes on, tell myself that it is happening, and just breathe. 2. Dont worry about taking deep breaths, as long as I am breathing and getting air I am fine.  (whoda thunk that one?) and to focus, focus, focus on something else. 

All though I have to say, when I took my second dose of klonopin last night, I was soo wired.  Which I dont think is a bad thing.  I just couldnt sleep.  But once I fell asleep; I slept quiet well.  That was nice.  Like I said before baby steps, baby steps to recovery. 

And for those of you who think it is best to go to an Emergency room for your attack.  I would find a clinic that is open 24 hours, if you cannot get to your Primary Care Physician.  The treatment that I got and my experience at the hospital.  Though they took it and treated it as an emergency.  The Nurse that I had was a JERK!  Who tells a patient to calm the F*ck down?   Just rude!!  I haven't complained yet.  But it was just ridiculous.  And I love that they sometimes put in ones record that you are just after the drug.  If I were after a drug it certainly would not be prozac or klonopin.  RIDICULOUS!  I think we need to even educated the medical community on how serious GAD and other Anxiety and Panic Disorders are.  And I know that there are Doctors out there that specialize in it.  Mine does.  And he was not happy at the treatment I got from the hospital.

Now I am just rambling on...

Hope everyone is having a great day.. will post later.. to see how the day went. 

 Ohhh does anyone on medication for GAD, have any issues with the Heat or sun?  let me know please???  Thank yoU!

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