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Is there a complete cure for agoraphobia ? Or do medication just reduce the problem temporary ?

Posted Mar 27 2010 9:37pm

I am looking for the best person to go to, because I’ve got agoraphobia and I’m sick of it now. Whom should I visit ? Psychiatrist ? Psychologist ? Physio therapist ? Hypnoses ? Which one? If it’s none of the above, what do you consider best, for me to be completely cured ?

I want to be 101% free from agoraphobia again and start living the life I had before !

Thanks for your comments in advance !

They cant help you. Study emotional abuse diet and exercise. Then learn about Gods ways to help your past abuse or trama Google deliverance and forgiveness.

The FDA will not let the drug manufactures claim there is a chemical imbalance without their qualifiers. Why? It is only assumed there is a chemical imbalance.

Psychiatrists claim that a person needs a drug to combat their chemical imbalance in the brain which is causing a persons mental disorder. However, the concept that a brain-based, chemical imbalance underlies mental illness is false. While popularized by heavy public marketing, it is simply psychiatric wishful thinking. As with all of psychiatrys disease models, it has been thoroughly discredited by researchers.

Diabetes is a biochemical imbalance. However, as Harvard psychiatrist Joseph Glenmullen states, the definitive test and biochemical imbalance is a high blood sugar balance level. Treatment in severe cases is insulin injections, which restore sugar balance. The symptoms clear and retest shows the blood sugar is normal. Nothing like a sodium imbalance or blood sugar imbalance exists for depression or any other psychiatric syndrome.

Psychiatrists do not draw blood or perform spinal taps to determine the presence of a biochemical imbalance in patients. They merely observe the patients and announce the existence of the imbalances. The purpose is to encourage patients to take drugs."

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