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Is more traffic important or "Why am I doing this?"

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:19pm

I am having some frustrations with this blog at the moment and over the last couple of weeks I have considered whether I ought to stop blogging. Some days I can't really think of anything to say, other days I have lots to say and I write the posts but never publish them because I am worried about what people might think (I have 9 unpublished posts at the moment).

Using Google Analytics I can see how many visitors I get (not a huge amount) and often I can see how they got here and I have to admit that at times I have wanted to write content to increase the traffic but then I remember that traffic isn't the reason I blog. When I post and see the number of feedburner readers drop I get concerned that I might have offended some people and when I see more than 1,000 stumbleupon visitors in a day I think WOW! I must write more about that topic - but I then remember that traffic isn't the reason I blog.

If I was just blogging for my own benefit would it be important to get more visitors or is it most important to just say what I need to say (to get it out)? The number of visitors would be important if I had adverts and wanted to make money from my blog and I know I'm not doing it for the money BUT what if I was doing this to help educate others? Surely then the more visitors the better chance I have of helping others?

If I am honest I'm no longer sure why I write this blog and I'm even less sure if traffic is important to me but for the moment I have decided that it's OK just to blog and that I don't have to know why I blog and it's also OK to not understand how important it is to me that people read it. For now, the important thing is that I am blogging, that I am finding it theraputic writing what I write, that it helps me find others in similar positions or with other interesting experiences and things to say and maybe (just maybe) what I write might have got someone else thinking differently, that it might have helped someone or might have just brought a smile to someones face.

Next time you wonder about the traffic to your blog or ask yourself "Why am I doing this?" I recommend blogging about it - it certainly helped me!

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