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Is it really anxiety?

Posted by Emzie Lou E. Facebook

Well I'm 27 have congenital heart block for which I have a pacemaker.. Inserted at the age of 5... Well end of last yr I got an infection in my back somewhere was in hospital then few weeks later got the same.., since then iv bin none stop worrying I'm dying or I'm going to have a heart attack. I have chest pain a pain in my back in my left arm feel like I want to be sick feel a lump in my throat tired sore scalp just really really hate feeling like this now... Iv bin to the e.r 6 times now doctors and walk in centres had blood test ecgs heart trace even brain scans everything is fine.. I take a 75mg aspirin everyday just in case I'm also on propanolol 20mg now for stress but I still can't help but feel like I'm going to have a heart attack my blood pressure is fine I don't drink smoke only 10 a day now instead of 30 I eat fruit veg salad have 3 small children so I'm not lazy get plenty of excerice in but just want to know really if its anxiety so I can at least try get on with my life as normal.. Well at least try thank you :)
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Ian Health Maven

Given that all the tests have failed to find a physical cause, it almost certainly is anxiety. The mind is fully capable of producing every symptom imaginable and heart related ones are common. About 20% of those that go to ERs thinking they are having a heart attack are in fact having an anxiety one. 


However, be aware that just knowing it;s anxiety probably won't be enough to put this behind you. You will probably need treatment, so talk to your doctor asap.



I agree with Ian that you are suffering from anxiety. which is taking a toll on you, where your body is reponding normally but your mind is somewhat disturbed with your disabilities. I can suggest you to try out some home remedies like diverting your attention into something interesting & innovative. So that you stop imaging yours fears, also in the mean time consult a psychologist to assist you with good counselling to do away with your anxiety problem.
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