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Is it possible to have claustrophobia and agoraphobia at the same time?

Posted Apr 25 2010 12:18am

My mom has horrible anxiety and she passed it on to me. I am extremely uncomfortable in small places when I know I can’t get out.. Elevators, planes, bathrooms.. etc. But at the same time, I hate being in large spaces. Like when I swim in the middle of the lake. I hate being out in the open. I feel like I have nothing to hold on to.

Is it even possible to have two opposite things at the same time? I feel most comfortable in regular-sized rooms. Not too big, not too small.

Yes, one can have multiple phobias of tight space, wide space ( insecure ), diseases,social, relationships, being alone, crowd….a lot of normal persons have one or two phobias, or multiple phobias. But what defines normal from abnormal ? if one can recognizes, and able to handle it, it’s normal, if not ? abnormal. One can also learn to live with it with some guidance of therapist or a loving compassionate person, friends… I finally overcame the fear of deep water that I can not see the bottom of it, like oceans or big lakes, by mastering my swimming ability. I’m no more afraid of the dark sea or lake waters.

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