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Is it possible to develope agoraphobia as you get older? What causes it?

Posted Jun 22 2010 9:17am

I dont know exactly what is wrong, but when I am out in public anymore I feel really odd. Like my muscles get all tight and I get a headaches really bad, and I just plain feel weird….like everyone is staring at me. Even though I rationally know that they aren’t, and hey even if they were I shouldnt care! But this bugs me sooo much that I avoid social situations, unless there is alchohol involved. lol.
Seriously though, this is really becoming a problem for me and I never used to feel like this! I’m not sure what’s wrong, does it sound like agoraphobia? I also have these horrible feelings at night when I am trying to sleep, like I forgot to do something, or something bad is gonna happen…..BUT FOR NO RATIONAL REASON!! and I can’t just seem to relax and make them go away! What do you think? How can I make this stop??

I am not sure about the age factor but it sounds like you are suffering from an anxiety or panic disorder, I found some information on webmd that you can check out.

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