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Is it normal to feel guilty after an anxiety attack?

Posted Oct 07 2009 4:41pm

Posted:  anxiety attack

Later, after the attack, I often feel guilty. Is this normal? Is it a realisation that my anxiety is a fault?

Hi there
Anxiety is a very powerful thing and i am speaking first hand as i have suffered with acute anxiety for two years. I also suffer guilt shortly after attacks and i believe it is due to the fact we have no control over this terrible disposition and feel helpless, and unnecessarily guilty that we have no control of the attack. It is a horrible pain to endure without the guilt, however another explanation is that it is very common for anxiety sufferers to also have symptoms of depression of which guilt is a common symptom of. Either way you don' t have to endure this pain and there are many excellent anti -anxiety medications available to reduce these symptoms. So go along to your doctor and discuss some symptom relieving medications. good luck, and i hope your symptoms reduce with time

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