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Is it bad if I have many panic attacks (at any givin time) and can't be treated because I don't have money or health insureance?

Posted by Vampire16

I've had many panic attacks during many years. I had them 2 years no non-stop, then they stopped and i felt norlam, but about 5-6 weeks ago they started up again and are coming more and more and they're worse than before...i don't know what to do, i don't have any money or health insurance for tests to be done, i still live at home )because im 17 and im high school). I love with my grandparents, so it's difficult to talk to them about it because they have no idea it has been happening. They would think i was just after attention. But I just don't understand what i should do..
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Ian Health Maven
Sorry that you're having a hard time, Vampire16

As you've discovered anxiety disorders don't often cure themselves, though you can have periods of remissions which can sometimes last quite a while.

The problem with panic disorders is that panic attacks feed the disorder and make it stronger. So prompt treatment is important.

I urge you to discuss this with your grandparents. They may be far more responsive than you believe, and even if they do treat it as attention seeking a doctor will soon set them straight. However, if you can't, then does your school have counselors? If so they should be able to assist you in getting professional help.

I assume you're an American. I'm not, and I have very limited knowledge of how your medical system works in cases such as this. However, you may find the information at this site useful: In particular the How to get free or low cost treatment (US only) and Free Medication Programs pages may be helpful.

Best wishes


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