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Is it a shadow, or mask, or is it really happening?

Posted Jul 19 2010 2:17am
I have not had a panic attack, or anxiety attack in 2 weeks.  I am on Prozac 10mg 1x daily (in the am) and Klonopin 0.5mg 1/2 pill twice daily (morning and evening).  I am also in the habit of taking my ativan wherever I go, just in case.  But Have no had to take one in 2 weeks and 3 days.  (Rather happy about that)  But just in case I take it with me.  I have noticed, that riding in the car is getting a little easier.  (I havent driven except to our post office in our gated community, or from the store down the street, back to the house)  Have yet to go to a movie theatre, in fear that I might feel trapped.  I however went out to a crowded club last night, and was doing quiet well, the dancing made me feel good and free.  Until the strobe lights came on and that made me feel rather strange, and made me want to panic but I was controlling it.  Then people started getting closer and closer.  So I asked my partner to leave. And once I was outside, though steaming hot.  I felt much better.  I haven't had any major side effects from these 2 drugs, as I have with the one before.  The lexapro, I had almost every side effect listed, and then some, ativan just zombied me out.  The only thing these 2 have done is dry mouth, which has been easily subdued by sucking on hard candy or chewing gum. And lots of water and gatorade to stay hydrated.  I try to keep it on the lighter side.  I told my mother the other day, I am on meds that I have given my elderly patients.  Or my mental health patients.  Its been some what, though a very scary exsperience, a humbling one too.  I am just keeping my fingers crossed and taking baby steps and really just trying to take it one day at a time.   I do have a great support team, as I have said before.  My partner, my parents and family, and friends.  And of course you ladies and gents on here.  So we will see as the meds start to really kick in if things are going to progress to some normaility.  And I will truly find out if its a shadow, a mask, or its really happening... NORMAL!!...
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