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is bound to be full of frustrations and setbacks

Posted Nov 30 2012 2:51am
With Disha animation brand, Disha company quickly introduced plastic intelligent voice doll became an instant hit in the domestic market. Accompanied Disha doll,

popular, Disha toys margin    nike free 3.0 v2 uk sale
greatly increased, and the development of the company to a new track.

"The first 'electric shock' also has a lot of regret, the positioning of the image is not accurate enough, did not keep up with the marketing strategy to match." In

order to make up for the deficiencies of the first piece of animation, since the beginning of this year, Li Ding began planning the second animation films - "Disha

princess. "Although it is only the word change, but Disha brand updates the slightly rustic characters, to reshape the image of a cute fashion princess, also echoed the

ad: every girl is a princess."

Secondary upgrade

From a single product to the whole industry chain

If you do animation let Disha tasted the sweetness, then turned the the production "Disha doll" clothing or "Disha" to open another window.

As "rich second generation" in the eyes of many people, Li Ding's life trajectory should have  nike free haven 3.0 uk sale
been in accordance with the design of the fathers, hard to the production

and sale of plush toys. Li Ding is not willing to rely on OEM plush toys, to earn a modest processing fee.

The end of 2007, Li Ding termination of the animation production, the remaining funds go to Shanghai, the establishment of the Shanghai Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Disha, and look for the cooperation of a children's clothing processing enterprises, began production and sales of children's clothing accessories. But this is an

important transition for Li Ting career suffered "Waterloo": "the loss of almost 500 million, before the accumulation of naught."

The road to success for an entrepreneur, is bound to be full of frustrations and setbacks. Li Ding and not defeat, but rallied to form a new team, seeking a comeback.

Soon, Li Ding inviting internationally renowned clothing brand clothing and love "(ELAND), one of the founders of the famous Korean designer of Pu Longkui its design

team" Rainbow "featuring chief   nike huarache free 2012 uk sale
design team, tailored princess dream for every girl, to provide dreams products and services, and refined "Every girl is a princess"

brand philosophy.
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