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Involuntary deep breaths

Posted by Naomi

Several times a day I take an involuntary deep breath.  This has been happening for at least a year or so.  It seems to happen only when relaxing not up and about.  I also have hiccups often and yawn a lot!!  I'm a very young 63.
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Ian Health Maven

I don't have an answer for you, Naomi. It may be that when relaxed you sometimes under breath occasionally and the deep breath rectifies this, or it would a behavior you've unconsciously leaned, or it may be something else entirely. Only a medical examination is likely to pin it down.

Best wishes


Oh my goodness Naomi! For once I don't feel alone! This happens to me also. Usually when I am in bed trying to sleep. I know that the hypothalmus part of our brain regulates breathing and heartbeat for us, but I find it odd tthat my hypothalmus all of a sudden makes me take a big lung filling breath without my say so or consent! It just happens!

Oh and I am 54 in case we might think age has something to do with it. Getting old sucks!


I don't have anxiety problems anymore. I'm thinking I should have a pet scan of my hypothalmus
I think a scan of our hypothallmus is in order.
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