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Insiders said mobile power pack mainstream brand will occupy most of the market

Posted Jan 08 2013 6:11am
With the development of mobile Internet terminal equipment to the direction of the small portable consumer mobile power brand performance also showed a greater demand in such a huge market demand, in 2012, began to move the power market is soon hot up . Although not determine which mobile power brand is the winner of the playoffs, but the future of mobile power markets, like the mobile phone market is a brand of highly concentrated market, mainstream brands will account for the vast majority of the market. "Lack of brand, quality, the fishing fast money companies certainly have eliminated" While mobile power market mobile power pack is gradually increasing, but due to the low barriers to entry, the brand on the market quite a mixed bag, and product quality, but off, the ultimate loser is the consumer . Currently, PISEN Yu Bo, Scud, Energizer, Panasonic, Speedmaster and other brands this year, investment continued to increase. Such as PISEN electronic mobile power production base in Chengdu Cross-Strait Technology Industry Development Park construction, with a total investment of 600 million yuan, mobile power charger for iphone the second phase is currently under construction, to be completed next year to put into its annual output of up to 20-30 billion. According to the reporter, the brightest and do mobile power markets, including mobile phone operators, a battery, lithium battery manufacturers manufacturers conservative estimate that there are three or four thousand. Along with the influx of huge amount of money, and worrying phone quality mobile power products, lack of industry standards, the fragmented nature of the market characteristics, together with the behavior of the quick success of the vote count, the industry has been very optimistic about the quality hidden capacity the virtual standard cut corners phenomenon have occurred. "industry analysts said. The lack of standards, the market chaos worrying reshuffle imminent. "By 'the virtual standard' capacity, the virtual standard power conversion rate become some of the brand's forte, and ultimately these brands will become a cloud, but hurt consumers and industry, to strengthen the regulation of the industry, the industry standard as soon as possible is an urgent need. Some brand mobile power supply manufacturers, said competition in the mobile power channels are now very intense cooperation with Taobao, Jingdong Mall, Gome, Suning electricity supplier, take the traditional digital consumer electronic channels is the main mode, how to block the fake sales channel has also become the focal point of the the nowadays market regulators and manufacturers of self-discipline. Industry that restrict or control the batteries to supply regular brand, in order to block the source. Insiders said, and all the rapid growth of the industry, along with the standardization of the system and have a deeper understanding of a large number of users for the product Portable mobile power pack do not have the R & D strength cottage manufacturers will certainly be out of the market. As for the mobile power market development is expected in 2012, who pointed out that the market growth rate should not be less than 150%. The industry believes that the quality, brand, channel mobile power market competition will become a weapon, it is recommended that everyone in the purchase of cheap mobile power prices do not patronize the face of a lack of standardized mobile power markets in the consumer and, at the same time learn more about knowledge of mobile power, fake and shoddy products may pose a threat to personal safety, to improve their awareness of the security of mobile power.
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