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Innovation ten years: "made in China" to "Chinese wisdom made" accelerating transformation

Posted Nov 05 2012 6:23am

Since the sixteenth congress, our party always hold high the banner innovation, update the development idea, conversion development mode, explore the formation of the scientific concept of  Cheap Beats By Dre  development and the theory of innovation system, and establish advantageous to realize scientific development, system mechanism, vigorously improve the ability of independent innovation, condensed the most extensive social consensus, concentrated the vast social forces, played the most powerful system advantage, for China's transformation development provides a solid guarantee and strong power.

Theoretical innovation: the scientific concept of development into the era of guide to action

After entering the new century, energy, resources, environment, technology bottleneck restriction is day by day prominent. After the developed highlights various contradictions and the question no matter size or complexity are the town below.

A the progress of The Times, always to practice on the basis of ideological change, theoretical innovation as the guide of. In October 2003, the third plenary session officially put forward "to adhere to the people-oriented, establishing a comprehensive, harmonious, and sustainable development view". This is our party to contemporary China's economic and social development of the latest knowledge rules, we strive to develop the Chinese characteristic socialism broad prospect provides a guide to action and theoretical basis.

"Since the sixteenth congress, we the party's theoretical innovation into the new active phase  Cheap Beats By Dre  and power times, go through enriched and developed the Chinese characteristic socialism theory system. The central literature research inspector zhang ning said, among them, the most attention is the scientific concept of development, it creative answered "to realize what kind of development and how to development" the important theoretical and practical problem, is the core of theoretical innovation and leading.

The scientific concept of development and the innovation system of the theory of rich content, open inclusive, grand broad --

Transformation of the mode of economic development, the coordination of urban and rural development, building the innovative country and strategic thinking boost the rapid growth of China's economy; To construct a socialist harmonious society, the construction of socialist core value system innovation achievements, such as shape refreshed Chinese style; Promote the building of lasting peace and common prosperity of a harmonious world and other international strategic thought draws the outline of responsible country image; Strengthening the party's advanced nature construction and ruling ability construction, construction such as a learning party construction theory innovation continues to enrich the party's construction of the general layout...

"These important strategic thoughts are the scientific concept of development as the guide, is to promote the scientific development, promote social harmony in the process of the formation and development of it from different angles, enrich the connotation of the concept of scientific development theory. Eighteen big represents, vice minister of land and resources, China geological survey director wang said.

"Look back the reform of hainan road, it is in the scientific concept of development and under the guidance of the one step at a time, and to realize the blaze a trail in the real meaning and good and fast development. Eighteen big represents, hainan agricultural reclamation administration secretary of the party committee WangYiXin said.

Summarizing the new period the party's theoretical innovation of the basic experience, Chinese people's university marxism, dean of the college of QinXuan such sum up: "always adhere to the basic tenets of marxism with adapting marxism to promote combine this principle; always stand on behalf of the interests of the masses a position; always focus on the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics this one theme, always pursue the goal to realize China's modernization.

System and mechanism innovation: for the scientific development to escort

The scientific concept of development for China's development indicated the direction, the system mechanism innovation is the scientific development "escort".

Practice shows that the mechanism  beats by dre cheap  imperfect mechanism, reform does not reach the designated position is in the development of economic and society many contradictions and problems the important root, solve these contradictions and problems, the comprehensive implementation of the scientific outlook on development, the most fundamental is to rely on deepening reform, to depend on the system mechanism innovation.

So, what kind of mechanism system is conducive to the realization of the scientific development of the system mechanism? The party's seventeen big gives the clear answer: "to build up a full of vigor, highly efficient, more open and conducive to scientific development system mechanism.

"The company from the project, construction to put into production in only 1 years and 4 months, a large extent benefited from the local administrative examination and approval greatly" thin body ". Guangdong's a enterprise person in charge said. 10 years China has successively points 6 batch were cancelled and adjusted the 2497 items of administrative examination and approval items, accounting for 69.3% of the total number of the original.

Not only the administrative examination and approval system reform acceleration, the 10 years, the economic field, according to establish perfect socialist market economy as the goal of reform, deepen the investment, taxation, price, income distribution, social security reforms never idle, the market allocation of resources to the basic role of the further strengthen, macro regulation and control of pertinence, flexibility and effectiveness significantly increase, Political areas, including deepening the reform of the cadre and personnel system, promoting the construction of service government and the development of socialist democratic politics of the comprehensive deployment advance step by step; Reform of the cultural system stride forward; To strengthen the social management and innovation achievements happy; Ecological civilization construction areas, strengthen the government for the construction of ecological civilization regulatory functions, trying to establish and perfect the compensation systems for use of resources and environmental compensation mechanism, which is beneficial to the sustainable development of the system mechanism innovation increasingly perfect...

Eighteen big represents, hna group chairman of the board of directors of ChenFeng sigh: "the real implementation of the good scientific development concept, will be continuous innovation enterprise system, mechanism, it is the enterprise core competitive ability of Chinese enterprises, but also improve the international competitiveness of the important factors.

The independent innovation: "made in China" to "Chinese wisdom made" accelerating transformation

Shenzhou flying, "charng-er" month, "dragon" creeping, the opening of the qinghai-tibet railway, super hybrid rice per mu yield record... Ten years, our country in has important scientific frontier and strategic will struggle areas it has gained a series of important innovation achievements, science and technology in economic and social development and support role further revealed. Today's China, has become the international influence of science and technology power and economic powers.

In the fierce international competition, the real core technology market change don't come, spend money can't buy. Can a country in the international competition long keep advantage, depends on the progress of science and technology in the speed and the ability of independent innovation. To improve the scientific and technological innovation to contribution to economic development, and gradually get rid of the economic development of resources consumption and environmental input excessive dependence on implementing the scientific concept of development is the important connotation.

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