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In current Western scale

Posted Mar 09 2013 2:07am
In current Western scale, rocket was followed by warriors in seventh.In the first contest between the parties, the mighty rocket blow away, and let the other Trey records.A week later, home of the rockets and warriors beat them."There is no doubt that they owe us something."Guardian Warrior front swing man Clay-Thompson said," I feel like we are a better team now, but we need to prove.They (the rockets) have been defeated twice before in the US, in Houston theynike free run 3 canada   got 140 points, then it is making us feel awkward."Forward David Lee revealed that players now have developed a habit, before each race, will spend time watching other teams in the competition.This practice is helpful to them.Warrior within, not many players experienced the playoffs competing for high-strength pressure, so into the season after halftime, there was a struggle in the face of high-strength competition, this is understandable.In the process, they can find a better way and confidence.

Thunder away decider at 95-94 Nick, made three consecutive victories, Durrant this service gotnike free 3.0 canada 34 points 8 rebounds 6 assists, 26th this season to get 30+.In the field before the game, Nick boss Wooderson Durrant added: "he is a very talented player, he always has a trick to those who put the ball into the basket."For its three scoring, scores have become the norm, and ESPN's focus on the figure, and even put a defensive white photo of Freddy Adu, was evidently also questioned whether Nick can freeze Durrant?However, this bondage up Hou, Durrant of State does not ideal, he of Qian three times shooting are failed to sent into basket, until first section for to 6 points 22 seconds Shi, aducai skyrocketed in the three points, completed this field first mobile warfare scored, but thereafter he and again into downturn, in first section competition in, Durrant only 5 cast 1 in the, on this thunder with team journalists Mei Bili also admits: Durrant tonight of performance looks indeed somewhat bad.

Battier in the heat of the season though is most of the time the replacement bench, but he is coaching one of the favorite players.Because he has a scoring tool: Trey.Today by the acceptance of the United States in an interview, battier also said: I now rarely vote in two balls.This season, battier total of 260 hand record, 230 of them on the three-point line.If starting from January this year, his Trey hit 110 per cent of a total of 123 in the shooting.Specifically, battier 88.5% shooting from three-point line this season.This was his entire career, Trey hit the highest rate of the season.Has just won the best record of 16 consecutive victories in the history of team heat, now particularly like battier on the three-point line.This is no secret, but they showed more this season-on-season, battier Trey hit just 62.7%.
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