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If You Promote Your Music And Buy Beats Online Read This

Posted Oct 22 2012 8:37am
This article was written specifically to inspire dedicated rappers who buy beats online and promote themselves as well as to destroy a couple of myths that have been spreading around the music industry today dr dre headset. I swear, casque beats people must think that the industry is falling apart at an amazingly fast rate and it literally falling down beneath the Earth by what people are saying purple beats by dre. The media is blowing the situation out of proportion and if you read this article you will be let in on the facts, what's ACTUALLY happening in the industry and whether or not it's a good time to start selling music dr dre headset.?
The major industry is seeing a decline in record sales and overall success in the past few years and so everybody is flipping out acting like music is about to go down the drain for good or something. I swear to you there couldn't be anything further from the truth white black beats headphones. The music industry is booming so big right now it's completely insane. It's definitely more healthy than it has been at any other point in history, beats studio it's just that major labels aren't the ones racking up the sales anymore.. beats headphones cheap. It's people like you and me!
I know you probably think that the digital age has ruined music forever because that's what everybody in the media is talking about these days white diamond beats by dr dre. A great state of chaos where illegal downloading has completely ruined the game and made it impossible for people to make money with their tracks, beats by dr dre earphones right? Wrong. ONLY 20% of music sales are seen as a loss in the industry because of illegal downloading and cyber pirating beats solo. That means 80% of music lovers STILL buy music, beats by dre for cheap even with all the free resources available to them. So why are people trippin out? I'll explain it as best as I can beats by dre earphones.?
People are still buying music, they're just not buying major label's music cheap beats headphones. Since the major's have the biggest weight to push around when it comes to media, it's obvious why the media is talking so much about a falling industry. This isn't the truth and anybody who does their research will understand that profusely monster beats. Did you know that Billboard magazine, which is literally THE authority in music magazines, stated that in 2009 50% of album and single sales were made by independents? That means that HALF of the sales coming in came right to people like me and you!
So what's going on? The internet is what changed everything but not in a bad way, at all best head phones. Now it's possible to promote yourself on websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for FREE and make a serious fan base on those sites alone. Soulja Boi made it off of Soundclick and MySpace, and he's blown UP now beats by dre... Sean Kingston made it off of MySpace... It really is happening, people! There are artists getting seriously famous by using these resources available on the net.?
That's not all! Distribution has also become extremely affordable in today's industry monster earphones. Back in the day it used to be nearly impossible to get distributed, especially at the costs that used to be put in place. Now it's a lot different. A company called Tunecore has made it possible for a rap artist to distribute their music across iTunes, monster beats solo hd Rhapsody and all the major mp3 retailers quickly and easily without spending much. In fact it honestly has a yearly cost that is less than it would cost you to take a friend out to dinner at a medium priced restaurant! That's crazy, huh?
But if you want to get started as hip hop artist today then you need to take yourself seriously. You're not going to make it very far by using the same old beats that famous artists use, you can't do that! If you do then you can't legally sell your music, which obviously stops the whole process monster beats for cheap. You're throwing money away on studio time if you don't buy beats. Your best bet is to purchase from Beats4Legends because their producers have made tracks for mainstream artists, so you know they're legit. Not only that but the pricing is very affordable. To visit Beats4Legends just click the links in the paragraph below.


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